Alamo Head Injury Association

Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)

This resource guide is not endorsed by any particular agency or organization. It is edited and maintained by the Alamo Head Injury Association. The purpose of this site is to provide assistance and information to brain injury survivors and their families.

A brain injury survivor and family may experience many changes and needs as a result of the crisis. This site has been created in general terms, and is not intended to provide all the answers but rather to be only a guide to available assistance. Since head Injury effects are different with every individual, the resources and services listed here may not apply to everyone.

Finally, this resource guide is not intended in any way to be a substitute for the services of legal counsel, nor is it a recommendation of services provided by the named organizations.

What is DADS?

The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) was created to administer long-term services and supports for people who are aging and who have cognitive and physical disabilities

DADS also licenses and regulates providers of these services, and administers the state's guardianship program.

What sort of programs do they administer?

Community Based Alternatives
A combination of services, including emergency response; physical, occupational and speech therapy; nursing; personal and respite care; medical supplies; adaptive aids; and grants to buy special equipment or home modifications. Services are delivered to clients in the community as an alternative to living in a nursing facility.

In-Home and Family Support Services
One-time, direct grant to buy special equipment or home modifications, and annual subsidy for ongoing supplies or health services, counseling, training; respite, home health and attendant care not provided by other services; and transportation, room and board during evaluation or treatment. Limited lifetime capital expenditures provided.

Medically Dependant Children
Provides adaptive, home modifications, and the following supports and/or training for children under age 21:

  • independent living
  • childcare
  • education
  • respite

Primary Home Care
A physician must order the service. This service provides non-skilled, non-technical, medically related personal care such as:

  • household tasks
  • meal preparation
  • escort
  • shopping
  • help with self-administered medication

Residential Care
These services may require client co-payment and are provided in a licensed, non-institutional setting.

  • Room and board
  • protective supervision
  • personal care
  • social and recreational activities
  • housekeeping and laundry
  • transportation services

Consumer Managed Personal Care Services
Help with personal care, household tasks, certain health-related tasks, and escort services. Client hires and supervises the attendant.

Day Activity and Health Services
These services are provided in licensed centers.

  • Nursing and personal care
  • social and physical rehabilitation
  • transportation
  • supportive and food services

Adult Foster Care
24-hour protective supervision, help with daily activities, and other support services, furnished by a certified provider in the provider's home. These services require client co-payment.

Family Care
Non-skilled, non-technical, medically related personal care; household tasks; meal preparation; escort; transportation; shopping, and help with self-administered medication.

Home-delivered Meals
One hot, nutritious meal each weekday and frozen meals for weekends delivered to client's home.

For more information about DADS, please visit their website.They have several very helpful pages.