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This resource guide is not endorsed by any particular agency or organization. It is edited and maintained by the Alamo Head Injury Association. The purpose of this site is to provide assistance and information to brain injury survivors and their families.

A brain injury survivor and family may experience many changes and needs as a result of the crisis. This site has been created in general terms, and is not intended to provide all the answers but rather to be only a guide to available assistance. Since head Injury effects are different with every individual, the resources and services listed here may not apply to everyone.

Finally, this resource guide is not intended in any way to be a substitute for the services of legal counsel, nor is it a recommendation of services provided by the named organizations.

If you would like more specific information on programs please contact the AHIA office.

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide

Kids Guide to the Brain

Brain Injury Association of America
“ is a WETA website funded by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center through a contract with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation. Government funding support is not an endorsement of WETA or any of its products, including this website.”

Support for spousal caregivers

BJ's Closet
A site to provide information to those with brain injuries and/or their loved ones

National Disability Rights Network

Disability Rights of Texas (previously known as Advocacy Inc)

Mayo Clinic website

“The Coma Guide”
Originally posted on the Deleware Department of Health and Social Services website.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Center for Disease Control's section on Traumatic Brain Injury

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Mount Sinai center for brain injury research

A site for those who are waiting while someone is in a coma
Note: It is edited and maintained by the Brain Injury Law Group

TBI Journey: blog and resource information

Survivor and family forum - forum index lists all articles

Brain Injury Resource Center

Ohio Valley Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Adult brain exercises

Senior and Assisted living, licensed facilities for entire state

Site to update friends and family during crisis

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Network

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Hope 4 Minds - Resource for children with brain injuries

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Office of Acquired Brain Injury

Parent Resources for Children with TBI

Substance Abuse and TBI

Texas Brain Injury Alliance

TBI Home
A peer support website for people living with brain injury, their families and friends
to support each other by sharing their experiences.

Memory and the Brain
This informatinal site was recommended to us by a student who was doing online research. It is hosted by PC-Wholesale (who we are not endorsing), but includes fair number of interesting links about the brain and Memory.
Memory and the Human Brain

Links specific to Medicare Part D

Forms, Help, and Resources

Medicare Part D Coverage

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid: Regulations and Guidance

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