About AHIA

The Alamo Head Injury Association (AHIA) not only helps survivors and families cope with the changes in their lives, but also provides a forum for:

  • Networking
  • Identifying resources
  • Providing education about the recovery process.

The Association strives to increase public awareness about:

  • Brain injury prevention
  • The challenge of recovery
  • The needs of families
  • The needs of survivors

This awareness can influence the development of needed programs, allocation of funds, and increased support. The AHIA was born from a sense of helplessness and mutual frustration experienced by families and survivors in their search for appropriate support. Struggling to find facilities and assistance in returning brain injured loved ones to their maximum functioning potential, a group of family members and health care professionals came together in 1982. The Alamo Head Injury Association was created by these dedicated families and professionals in an effort to meet the needs of the survivors of brain injury.

Prior to 1982, Texas lacked both public and private agencies dedicated to providing emotional support, advice, guidance, or other help for those who are suddenly faced with both the immediate and potentially long term effects of head injury.

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