2023 Agenda

8:15 am — 9:15 am: Jeremy J. Davis, UT Health San Antonio, Department of Neurology

Topic: Fostering an Ability Mindset following Acquired Brain Injury

9:45 am — 10:45 am:  Sandeep Subramanian, UT Health San Antonio

Topic: Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Injury

10:45 am — 11:45 am: Jeannie Harden, MD, UT Health Long School of Medicine / University Health System

Topic: The Role of PM&R in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injuries in South Texas

12:45 pm — 1:45 pm: Monica Escamilla, South Texas Veterans Health Care System- Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center

Topic: Emotion-Focused Strategies Vs Problem Focused Strategies; Which is Best?

2:00 pm—3:00 pm: Virginia Read, University Health System

Topic: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy; maximizing outcomes after TBI

3:00 pm — 4:00pm: Alex Willingham, South Texas PM&R Group

Topic: Ethics for Health Professionals